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What is Edamame?

What is Edamame?


If you're snacking on one of our On The Go Fusion snack mixes, you're indulging in the main ingredient which is edamame. You may be asking yourself, what is edamame, where did it comes from and is edamame good for me? We have the answers to these questions, so let's get to know the edamame bean! 

First, where did the edamame bean come from and why is it so popular here in the United States? Its first origins can be found in East Asia and since then has grown to become a popular snack throughout Japan. It wasn't until 1923 when descriptions of edamame were first referred to in US text. From there, the term edamame appeared as a new word in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2003. 

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But what exactly is edamame?

Edamame can best be described as a juvenile soybean that has been harvested before it has ripened or hardened. You may have experienced and tried edamame as a side dish at your local sushi bar or Chinese and Japanese restaurants. 

What are the health benefits of these tasty little snacks and is edamame good for you? 

Picture a half-cup serving of edamame. That half-cup serving puts in quite a nutritional punch! With 11 grams of protein, 9 grams of fiber and only 120 calories makes it a healthy option for those dieting or those changing their eating habits. Studies have been shown that women reported healthier cholesterol levels after regularly consuming edamame.

With all the benefits of edamame, there's no reason to not have these healthy snacks in your life! On The Go Edamame Fusion Snacks are a great way to incorporate edamame beans into your diet. Our healthy snacks are edamame based but also have other ingredients such as nuts, seeds, and berries.  Why not start incorporating edamame into your diet and life today? 

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